Orphanage in La Ribera Alta

This piece of research falls within the framework of the socio-historical context of the first half of the 20th century. The framework of analysis points to three reasons as the origin of orphanage, namely: the Civil War period and the deaths it caused (frontline, bombing, rearguard...), the post-war period (repression and others), and finally orphanage as a result of circumstances (disease, accidents, etc.). With these vital standpoints as the baseline, the differences and/or connections related to the causes of orphanage are explored, the gender of orphans, and the deceased person, whether the mother or father, institutionalisation, family origins, etc. The different strategies of how they were helped and the networks of survival and solidarity that were implemented, or not as the case may be, are all subjects to be investigated in this project. It also looks at the stereotyping of orphanage and how this is perceived from a socio-emotional outlook.