Recommendations for visits and workshops

In order to make the experience of the visit or workshop as satisfactory and profitable as possible, it is recommended that the following indications be taken into account:

  • Arrange your visit in advance by calling the indicated telephone numbers or sending an e-mail.
  • Inform L'ETNO. Museu Valencià d'Etnologia in advance, of any changes or cancellations that may occur.
  • Respect the timetables established when booking the visit. Failure to be punctual may be detrimental to other groups. 
  • Groups, even when accompanied by a Museum monitor, must always be accompanied by the teacher or person in charge, who must ensure that the group is kept together.
  • Photography is permitted (without flash only), except in those exhibitions where there is an express ban.
  • The visit can be made in Spanish or Valencian.
  • The centre has a library, cloakroom, shop and interior courtyards for lunch.
  • If it is necessary for the group to write notes or jottings, the school material provided by the group, or material expressly ceded by L’ETNO. Museu Valencià d'Etnologia must be used. The equipment on display may not be used to take notes.

Free activities