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The Diputación Provincial de Valencia, through this website, provides users with access to and use of services and information relating to its area of activity and, where appropriate, provided by third parties.

Terms and conditions of use
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When it is necessary to use a password or username to access any content or service on this website, the user is obliged to keep it secret and to use it diligently. In the event of loss or negligent use of the password, the user shall be liable for the use that third parties may have made of it.

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The Diputación de Valencia is not responsible for any misuse by users of the contents of its website and reserves the right to update, modify, preserve, delete, or prevent access to any content appearing on the website or to close it without prior notice.

The Diputación de Valencia is not responsible for any content located outside its website, on third party websites, which may be accessed by means of or through links located on the Diputación de Valencia website. The Diputación informs that such links and links that appear on its website only constitute information to the user about the existence of other sources of information and services on the Internet on the subjects to which they refer, where the visitor may expand or complement the data offered on this website, expressly warning that this does not imply a suggestion, invitation or recommendation to visit such destinations and therefore declines all responsibility for the results obtained through such hypertext links. In particular, the visitor declares to be aware that the Diputación does not guarantee in any way the conditions and/or correct provision of the services or quality of the products offered to the user by third parties outside the Diputación, whose websites may be accessed through links established in any of the Diputación's pages. Therefore, the Diputación shall not be liable under any circumstances for the availability and content provided by other websites visited through such links, nor shall it be liable for any breach by such third parties of the regulations in force, particularly those governing electronic commerce, the defence and protection of consumers and users and the protection of personal data.

In the case of open forums or opinion spaces on its web pages, Diputación de Valencia is not obliged to monitor the opinions or information posted by users, but reserves the right to remove any opinions or information that may be contrary to current legislation, especially when they imply a violation of fundamental rights and freedoms, good practices and these terms and conditions.

The Diputación de Valencia shall not be liable for any damages or losses that may arise from interferences, omissions, interruptions, breakdowns or disconnections in the operation of this electronic system, due to causes beyond the control of Diputación de Valencia, or as a result of its own technical adjustments or problems; or for damages that may be caused by computer viruses or by third parties through unlawful intromission beyond the control of Diputación de Valencia.

The administrative information published on this website is merely for guidance purposes; therefore, it does not replace the publication of the documents to be published in the Official Journals and Bulletins, whose publication is the only instrument that attests to the authenticity and content of the same, nor can any binding legal effect be derived therefrom, and the user must check the aforementioned information against the information in the Official Journals and Bulletins, where applicable, or against the information available at the relevant offices of the Administration. Specifically, this information may not be binding in the resolution of administrative procedures nor may it be used in contradictory processes with the Public Administration. Consequently, the Diputación de Valencia accepts no liability for any possible damages that the use of this information may cause.

The guidelines followed by the Diputación de Valencia with regard to the Protection of Personal Data are those set out in the Privacy Policy section of this website.

The Diputación de Valencia reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions set out in these Legal Notices.