The Museum

L'ETNO, Museu Valencià d'Etnologia was created in 1982 to collect, study and disseminate everything related to popular and traditional Valencian culture. The museum maintains its headquarters in the city of Valencia, in the Centre Cultural la Beneficència.

As a museum of Valencian popular culture, L'ETNO  proposes universal reflections based on local (Valencian) cultural traits. The museum promotes research, documentation and exhibitions related to traditional and popular culture.  The museum has a social vocation, this is, the team works with the museum collections to provide knowledge and well-being for society with the following actions:

  • Making memory, recovering it and confronting it with forgotten stories;
  • Promoting reflection and knowledge of skills, practices and ways of working in the traditional society that can be valuable for our society today;
  • Welcoming and offering dialogue, entertainment and knowledge to all people, regardless of their origin, training and physical condition.