La Festa Valor

Dedicated to oral storytelling, to rondalles and, of course, to the girls who know how to tell stories.

La Fiesta Valor is a popular festival that wants to spread through the streets and squares of all parts of the Valencian Country, it is an opportunity to listen to professional storytellers, but also to grandmothers and grandfathers who know how to tell. A festival of the word for everyone's ears.

It is an initiative of the Enric Valor Chair of the Universitat d'Alacant, with the collaboration of the L'ETNO Library.

From the vocation that L'ETNO has as a social museum, we thought and designed our party so that it could be copied and adapted by any town that wanted to make one. 

In this article we wanted to tell you how the L'ETNO Courage Party went in case you would like to get ideas or ask us for resources. Everything we created was with that intention: that any Valencian town could reuse everything, from the graphic image of the festival, to the texts adapted from the fables of Enric Valor to make participatory readings and theatre.