17 jun. - 19 jun. 2022

Viquiproject Corpus València

The Corpus Christi festival in Valencia is the city's biggest festival and, in order to disseminate all its festive elements, it must be present where everyone consults every time they have an information query: the Viquipèdia.

The free information that is currently available on the most consulted online encyclopaedia in the world is insufficient and can be improved. 

L'ETNO wants to take the opportunity of the future exhibition Espill de festa. El Corpus, which will be inaugurated in July, to open a parallel viquiproject to improve free knowledge about the Corpus Christi festival in the city of Valencia. This project will be developed in collaboration between L'ETNO, the Department of Festive Culture of the City Council of Valencia, Amical Wikimedia and Wikimedia Spain.

The viquiproject will have three main activities: a wikitakes to be held on the weekend of the Corpus celebrations, a photographic competition and a viquimarathon to edit textual content.

1- The wikitakes is a meeting whose aim is to photograph a geographical space or an event and then release the images on Wikimedia Commons. This project, a sister project of Viquipèdia, feeds the free encyclopaedia with images and audiovisual resources. In the case of Corpus Christi in Valencia, there is a lack of graphic resources about the festival, so the aim is to document all the elements and manifestations of the festive calendar. From 17 to 19 June, it will be easy to find viquipedistas, with their cameras, living the festival in the street to be able to document everything and, later, to release it. 

2- A photographic competition will be held among all the photographs about the Corpus Christi that are released on Wikimedia Commons. In this case, the contest is not limited to the city of Valencia, but is extended to all Valencian towns that celebrate this festival. 

L'ETNO is looking for collaboration to fill the most consulted encyclopaedia in the world with Valencian Corpus Christi. The first step is to enjoy the festival and take lots of photographs; the perfect excuse for the weekend of 17-19 June.

3- The viquimarathon is a meeting of people interested in editing. In this case, on the elements of the Corpus Christi festival, with the aim of creating new articles in the Viquipèdia or improving existing ones with new bibliographical references. This viquimarathon will be held at the ETNO Library once the exhibition Espill de Festa is open.


17 jun. - 19 jun. 2022