22 dec. 2022 - 03 sep. 2023

De granotes, gats i palmeres. Els orígens del Levante U.D.

An exhibition about the Llevant UD football club.

Opening, Thursday, December 22nd at 7:30 pm / Visiting hours: from December 23rd.

The exhibition focuses on the origins, history and social relevance of the current Levante UD football club, one of the classic clubs of the city of València. 

The exhibition will deal with some of the following topics:
- The social and political reality of the maritime settlements at that time.
- Catholic trade unionism and the Catholic circles created to counteract the influence of the class unions. In particular, it focuses on the Patronato de la Juventud Obrera.
- The reasons for the forced merger of Levante UD.
- The problems betwenn the two teams' supporters and players. 
- The "dance" of symbology: colours, shields, kits.


*Photo of Levante in a match against Atlético de Madrid at the Vallejo stadium. 1957. L'ETNO Archive. Col. Márquez Lambán.


22 dec. 2022 - 03 sep. 2023