Since the mid-twentieth century, many areas of the interior of the Valencian region began to suffer a progressive depopulation that has brought them, on occasions, to the brink of social and economic collapse. Today we speak of depopulation and also of the abandonment of the Valencian mountains, it is an issue that concerns society and often appears on the public agendas of politicians. But, to what extent do we know this process? Is it abandoned so as not to return? What is lost and what is maintained? What diachronic analysis can be done? Has it happened other times in our territory in the history of the last centuries? Is there a reocuppation? How and by whom?

Establishing the idea of abandonment more clearly, better understanding depopulation, better analyzing its impact -not only economic, demographic and geographical but also social-, is the objective of the research project that ETNO carries out in collaboration with professionals from Wayne State University (Detroit). The research is focused on the village of La Torre, in the municipality of Alpuente in the Serranos county, inland València.