28 may. 2022 - 22:30 - 23:59

Maui: By magic

Peripheral Ethnomusic: concerts for a young audience!

Maui has been able to create a character and a universe. Far from any known label - the Björk of Utrera, the Lady Gaga of flamenco, the Woody Allen of song, a singer-actress...─. Maui, a singer sponsored by Maribel Quiñones Martirio, is one of a kind, she is a weaver of stories that weave emotions that take us from laughter to tears and who, live, displays an overflowing talent that shows a rich amalgam of influences. 

The songs on his fifth album, Por Arte de Magia (2019), are a bouquet of fresh songs and a kaleidoscope of magic without tricks, colouring realities with no magic wand other than his stories told and sung.  But much more than a concert, Maui proposes with this show, a journey, an experience in which poetry, rhythm, theatre and humour coexist... and an invisible emotion that generates the surprise when the characters of the songs break the fourth wall and manage to trick the audience into their adventures.

Maui (vocals and cello), Josete Ordoñez (flamenco guitar), Kiko Martín and Noé Barroso (hand clapping, backing vocals and choreography).  

28 may. 2022 - 22:30 - 23:59

Organisation and form of access

Limited seating. 

Tickets can be collected from the Tuesday before each concert (maximum 2 tickets per person) in the hall of the Museu Valencià d'Etnologia (10 am to 8 pm) or through this web.

Free admission.

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