La caixa dels records. Memòries d'una vida

Project aimed at people with Alzheimer's or other dementias in the initial stage


L’ETNO promotes the project La caixa dels records. Memòries d'una vida from its collections, This  is a project based on reminiscence group therapy, an emotional stimulation technique. Through autobiographical memory, the evocation of personal memories and lived experiences is encouraged, reliving them in the present moment, which activates the evocation of pleasant emotions in the participants. 

To achieve this objective, resources and objects related to everyday life are used, which serve as memory eliciting keys. These objects are, for the most part taken form the collection of L'ETNO. Through this process, participants are able to reaffirm their self-knowledge and their own identity. It also encourages interpersonal relationships and the stimulation of the participants' cognitive abilities. 

Development of the activity

The group activity consists of three phases: 

  • Prior contact with the reference centre to collect general autobiographical information about the group (professions, ages, origins, education levels, hobbies, etc.) and to present the most appropriate thematic unit of work. 
  • The session. Meeting with the group in which we will encourage participation through evocation work with everyday objects related to the agreed thematic unit. The thematic unit is a work proposal for the sessions generated around a specific theme. In it, the most appropriate objects, photographs and resources for the development of the theme are selected. Possible thematic paths and related questions are also indicated, in order to arouse interest and positive emotions among the participants. The session is organised in different moments: presentation of the participants, exhibition of objects and photographs, evocation of memories, experiences and emotions, participation of all participants, introduction of related or collateral themes and approach to the present.
  • Subsequent contact. Evaluation-report of the activity carried out with the reference centre to establish actions for improvement. The reference centre and the Museu Valencià d'Etnologia can arrange up to two successive sessions around the same thematic unit with the same working group.


Organisation of the sessions

  • Duration: 60 minutes.
  • Participants: 8 to 10 people (all between GDS 1-4).
  • Place: The activity can take place at the L’ETNO or at the reference centre. In this case, the museum's didactic team will travel to the centre. 
  • During the session, the group will be accompanied at all times by staff from their reference centre.


Aimed at people with Alzheimer's disease or other dementias in their initial stage, as well as older people with cognitive deficits associated with normal ageing.

Project carried out by María Raga and the Didactics team of the L’ETNO. For the development of this project, the Museum has had the advice of Dr. Rita Redondo and the collaboration of Javier Bendicho (Cotlas Association), both specialists in the psychology of ageing.

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