Rituals de festa i foc

Exhibition of photographs by David Cantillo.
Location: Fundació Casal Jaume I Safor-Valldigna

Organized by the Museu Valencià d'Etnologia, it has been prepared for itinerancy through the municipalities of the Valencian Community.

Fire is part of the feeling that seems to consume. Who has not ever found himself absorbed, stoking the fire wrapped in its sizzling crackle?  

Fire is an intense historian of the world or, at least, a recurrent actor. Our festivals are a living bonfire that keeps the fire going as the vestals used to do. With a slow fire we make preparations until we fill with flames the high night of the feast. Pretentious, we dress up as demons and play with fire.

 And although the origins would be more modest, the fire has spread its flames as if they were arms, to complete the Valencian festivities as we understand them today. And all it took was a small spark to start this fire.

But beyond the metaphor there is, undoubtedly, a fiery relationship that unites the fire and the festival. The exhibition Rituales de fiesta y fuego, by photographer David Cantillo Orozco, produced by the Museu Valencià d'Etnologia, deals with this burning relationship.

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07 jun. - 15 jul. 2024