València en blanc i negre III. El Cabanyal

Photographies of the Vidal family

A selection of 40 black and white photographs presented in 50x70 cm matt aluminium frames. 
Exhibition produced and exhibited by L'ETNO in 2018, from which a smaller selection has been made for its itinerancy through the municipalities.

Composed of 40 photographs from the personal archive of the Vidal family, three of the most significant figures of this saga of photographers: Martín Vidal Romero (1872-1944), Luis Vidal Corella (1900-1959) and Luis Vidal Vidal Vidal (1936). It shows the evolution of the Cabañal neighbourhood, which was very popular in the city of Valencia between the end of the 19th century and the first decades of the 20th century, a key period in its history. The Vidal archive has contributed to keeping the history of the city alive and, on this occasion, through the work of its members, brings us closer to a neighbourhood that is "as emblematic as it is singular", and which "serves as a witness to the tenacity of a people to keep its traditions alive". The Vidal family gives us a glimpse into the soul of a unique neighbourhood through the purity of the eyes of its residents, of the anonymous people who lived and worked in its streets, of the holidaymakers who came to the beach and of the workers who came to the neighbourhood to work in the port. 
The photographs bear witness to the tenacity of a people to keep their traditions and customs alive, despite the obstacles they had to overcome during that period. 
The first snapshots date back to 1900, three years after the town's incorporation into the city of Valencia. The last ones date from 1991, when the seafront promenade was being built and the railway tracks that divided the town had been buried.


11 jan. - 20 feb. 2023