22 mar. - 29 may. 2022

Treasures with history

Temporary exhibition related to the TV programme "Tresors amb història".

Exhibition related to the TV show "Tresors amb història".

This is the exhibition production linked to the TV show “Tresors amb Història”, broacasted by the Valencian Public Television, À Punt. The exhibition shows the selection of the one hundred objects that have been appearing during the broadcast of the program. The objects tell daily stories of Valencian men and women and are a sample of our history in the last century. With this project, L'ETNO proposes to reflect into the importance of material culture as a container of memory and an element capable of reflecting personal or collective identity.

TRESORS AMB HISTÒRIA has been produced by L'ETNO in collaboration with the Institut Valencià de Cultura, À Punt and the production companies Sunrise and El Terrat (The Mediapro Studio). It will remain open to the public until the 29th of May, and from June 15 it can be visited at the Museum of Fine Arts in the city of Castelló.

22 mar. - 29 may. 2022