19 dec. 2023 - 07 apr. 2024

Treasures with history II

In this exhibition you can see objects from the second and third seasons of the programme.

Treasures with history is a programme that the Valencian Public Television À Punt has been broadcasting successfully for the last three seasons. It deals with the objects that people keep as precious material, as an emotional treasure full of experiences and memories. It is a well-known fact that objects have the capacity to establish emotional connections with people, and the complexity of this relationship is the subject of Treasures with history. L'ETNO now brings you closer to this universe of objects that from history, ethnology or art have built part of our memory as a people over the last 200 years. 

Produced in collaboration with the Valencian Institute of Culture, Treasures with History 2 is an exhibition organised by L'ETNO to show the public the more than one hundred treasures selected for the programme.

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19 dec. 2023 - 07 apr. 2024