Museum itineraries with a gender perspective

The network of Museum Itineraries in a gender perspective incorporates the gender perspective into the cultural visit to the museum. A perspective that studies the cultural and social constructions that are specific to men and women, that which identifies the feminine and the masculine. This network offers visitors to the participating museums a different reading of the collections on display, with the aim of promoting gender equality in the face of diversity. 

L'ETNO, Museu Valencià d'Etnologia has developed a gender itinerary or tour, selecting a set of pieces and spaces from its permanent collection that show significant interest in relation to gender representations. Visitors can consult and download the information and material necessary to follow the proposed routes at 

These itineraries do not focus exclusively on the figure of women, but also explore representations of men and masculinity, as well as the presence of transgender identities, third genders or alternative genders to the Western dual system of sex/gender. They also focus on aspects such as gender ideology and systems, stereotypes and roles, relations between spaces, history and gender, etc. 

Some of the objectives of the Relecturas network are to contribute to the knowledge and dissemination of Valencian cultural heritage, to promote intercultural dialogue, to strengthen links between Valencian museums, and to boost cultural tourism. It also seeks to teach values of respect, coexistence and tolerance in order to achieve real and effective equality between women and men.