01 jul. 2022 - 00:00
Press release

Presentation of L'ETNO's guide

The guide is a complement to the new permanent exhibition No es fácil ser valenciano o valenciana (It's not easy to be Valencian), inaugurated in 2021, and allows the interested public to delve deeper into some of the contents related to popular culture dealt with in the exhibition. This publication, produced by the museum's team of curators and some external collaborators, has been created with this in mind.

The Guide provides, in a graphic and easily accessible way, a more detailed look at the discourse of Valencian popular culture proposed by the museum. It is also presented as a publication that informs about other important topics of the museum, such as its history, its collections, its staff, its philosophy and the orientation of its activity as a public institution at the service of the Valencian people.

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