L'ETNO for families

The most complete programme for all families!!!

At L'ETNO we want to offer activities for everyone and we love to welcome families.

 Here are some of the activities especially designed for families:

  • Workshops for families. Every Sunday at 12:00 noon you can come to L'ETNO to enjoy some very participative and lighthearted activities designed to amuse and entertain the whole family.
  • Etnoviatge. A new educational initiative in booklet format aimed at giving families the ability to make visits independently with children from 6 to 11 years old. You can ask for it at the information point in the foyer of the Beneficència.
  • Where is ETNO? A new discovery game that takes place in the rooms of the museum. The aim is to find a character called ETNO. At the end there is a prize for whoever finds him.

Come, enjoy and learn with us!!