Not Easy To Be Valencian

All cultural identities (from Valencian to European) are subject to contradictions, tensions and lack of unanimity. Some see these cultural heterogeneity as a positive fact, whereas others detest it; While some defend only their own, with exclusionary postulates, others prefer multiculturalism. What seems clear is that, far from being a closed issue, cultural identity is in continuous evolution, in a constant dialogue between the different sensitivities present in society. 

In the new permanent exhibition of L'ETNO, "It is not easy to be Valencian" we propose our visitors to reflect on these issues taking Valencian society as a reference, from the end of the pre-industrial world to the present day. The exhibition has been organized in three areas and in each one a theme is addressed: “the City”, where questions are raised that have to do with the tension between global and local; “The Irrigated Farmland and the Marshlands”, where some stereotypes about Valencian culture are discussed; and the “Dryland and the Mountain”, where little-known themes (invisibilities) of the Valencian interior are referred to.