11 may. 2022 - 20:00 - 22:00
05 aug. 2022 - 22:00 - 23:59
02 sep. 2022 - 22:00 - 23:59

Besarabia: Animal Republic

Traditional Mediterranean fusion songs

Besarabia is a musical project born in Valencia that is inspired by the tradition of the Mediterranean and the Balkans. The group was created in 2013 and since then its members Heide Erbrich, Jaume Pallardó and Eva Mª Domingo have developed a very peculiar style of performing traditional songs. They have also expanded their repertoire with their own compositions that fuse Balkan and Mediterranean sounds and more modern elements, with lyrics in Valencian. In 2014 they released a work with six songs, and in 2017 they published their first album "Ritmes, trenes i gats" (Mesdemil). 

In 2021 they released "Animal Republic" (Segell Microscopi), a work that includes their own interpretations of songs from the Balkan and klezmer tradition and eleven newly composed and unpublished songs of their own. The trio's second album was selected as one of the Top 20 in the prestigious World Music Chart Europe (November 2021) and was awarded as 'Millor disc de fusió i mestissatge' in the IV Premis Carles Santos de la música valenciana. 

Heidi Erbrich (violin and viola), Jaume Pallardó (oud, laouto and baglama), Eva Mª Domingo (voice, darbuka, daf, tambourine and davul).


BESARABIA: 05th August. Plaça de Sant Vicent (Bocairent). 23:00 h

BESARABIA: 02nd September. Plaza Gran Valencia (Torres Torres). 23:00 h.



11 may. 2022 - 20:00 - 22:00
05 aug. 2022 - 22:00 - 23:59
02 sep. 2022 - 22:00 - 23:59

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Etnomusic in the villages

05 Agost  Plaça de Sant Vicent (Bocairent). 23:00 h.

02 September. Plaça Gran Valencia (Torres Torres). 23:00 h.