The well-being initiatives are projects aimed at broadening the museum's audiences and enhancing its social function. 

Museums  can be presented to citizens as spaces with utilities and benefits that go beyond their usual functions of conservation, research or dissemination of a specific heritage. In this sense, L'ETNO wants to become a resource that can be used by society and visitors to improve their wellbeing in as many situations as possible. So far projects are particularly foccused in diagnosed metal health problems (Alzheimer, depression...). 

Main projects are:

  • The box of memories. Memories of a life: A program aimed at people with Alzheimer's or other dementias in early stages, based on reminiscence group therapy, a technique of emotional stimulation. L'ETNO offers group sessions at the Museum's facilities and in day centers or spaces of associations/entities dedicated to the treatment of these diseases.
  • Recipe Culture: Program aimed at people identified in primary care consultations at health centers who present unwanted loneliness and/or physical inactivity. (Receta Cultura is an initiative of the Direcció General de Salut Pública i Adiccions and Les Naus centre adscribed to l'Ajuntament de València).
  • L'ETN(H)OSPITAL: Initiative that aims to develop the educational activities of L'ETNO among children admitted to the Pediatric Unit of the Doctor Peset Hospital (UPH Peset) to improve their emotional and affective state.