De cap a peus. Taller d'indumentària valenciana

Primary Education and 1st cycle of Secondary Education

Clothing is not only an element for dressing up: it is a clear reflection of the society of the moment, a living element, which varies according to fashions. But it is also influenced by other factors, such as social class, climate or type of event, among others. Thus, clothing provides us with clues and helps us to get to know a part of society.

Didactic workshop on Valencian clothing in which we will learn about the clothes worn by the Valencians, from a historical point of view, through contact with the fabrics used and the different pieces that make them up.

Development of the activity
The activity consists of three parts:
1.     Observation and explanation of the function of garments, and manipulation of fabrics. 
2.    Configuration of mannequins (male and female) with clothing variants according to social class, type of event (daily or festival) and geographical area (coast or inland).
3.    Two options depending on age:

•    Doll game. Painting and cutting out clothes to dress the mannequins.
•    Group dress-up game with traditional clothes.

Free activity