Guided tours (groups and schools)

Guided tours offer the opportunity to get a closer, warmer, experience in  L'ETNO. Through the explanations given by the museum's technical staff you will enjoy better the stories the museum proposes. These visits are aimed at schools and high schools, as well as associations and groups.
The museum's permanent exhibition is entitled It is not easy to be Valencian. It deals with identity  as an open concept in constant evolution and subject to contradictions, tensions and lack of unanimity. The visit deals with these issues in the context of Valencian society, from the end of the pre-industrial world to the present day. The exhibition has been organised into three areas, each of which deals with a different theme: the city, where questions related to the tension between the global and the local are raised; the market gardens and marshland, where some stereotypes about Valencian culture are discussed; and the dry land and the mountains, where reference is made to little-known themes of the Valencian hinterland.
The tour can also be completed with guided visits to the temporary exhibitions that the museum offers at any given time.

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