18 may. 2023 - 20:15 - 21:30

Efrén López

Efrén López Ensemble

Efrén López has a long musical career and has played in groups such as L'Ham de Foc, Aman Aman, Sabir, Evo, Trio Petrakis-López-Chemirani, etc. In the year of ETNOMUSIC's 20th anniversary, the multi-instrumentalist and composer comes together in this unique encounter with some of the best performers and composers with whom he has collaborated most closely in recent years, all of them leading names in their respective musical traditions (Greek, Persian, Breton or Castilian). A cosmopolitan ensemble of musicians who draw the musical geographies to which Efrén López has travelled, studied and from which he has drawn inspiration to create his own themes. 

The group is made up of the singer and multi-instrumentalist Isabel Martín ─ member of the Toledan duo Milo ke Mandarini─, the Cretan virtuoso musician and luthier Stelios Petrakis, the Greek kanun player Sofia Labropoulou, the Iranian-French percussionist Keyvan Chemirani, the great Breton flautist Sylvain Barou and the double bass player Alejandro Royo from Castellón come together to give life to their original pieces from the last decade, in a framework of close complicity and communication, through virtuosity and improvisation, making use of a colourful instrumental and interpretative range always at the service of the music.

Efrén López (ud, rabab, hurdy-gurdy, oğur saz, laouto, cistro, voice and direction), Isabel Martín (voice, bendir, tambourine and tambourine), Stelios Petrakis (lyra and lavta), Sofia Labropoulou (kanun), Keyvan Chemirani (zarb and daf), Sylvain Barou (flute, bansuri, duduk, uilleann pipes, zurna and dilli kaval), Alejandro Royo (double bass).

Headline photo: @Laura Soriano

18 may. 2023 - 20:15 - 21:30
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