10 jun. 2023 - 22:30 - 23:59

Rocío Márquez + Bronquio

«Tercer cielo». Etnomusic perifèric.

Considered by critics as "the voice of the new generation of cante jondo", Rocío Márquez has spent more than a decade building a solid artistic career that today overflows the flamenco scene, where she is already a clear reference and consolidated figure. 

Her restless personality and enormous curiosity are evident in her discography, which across the board shows us both her great love for the flamenco tradition and her imperious need to expand the limits of that same tradition, exploring and experimenting with melodies, instrumentation, arrangements and lyrics. His work has been presented at the most renowned festivals on the flamenco circuit and at indie and pop/rock events such as Primavera Sound or Monkey Week, or venues such as the Matadero in Madrid or the CCCB in Barcelona. 

At ETNOMÚSIC she presents her project Tercer cielo, where Rocío Márquez has found as a partner Bronquio, a young musician from Jerez with a punk tradition and a figure on the Spanish electronic scene. Both create a mental and creative space-time framework in which the voice, the bodies, the breath, the machine, the magnetic field are linked by the umbilical cord of flamenco, with a clear voice and babbling in sound textures, modelling, electronic music resources and a lot of poetry, like that of García Lorca. 

Rocío Márquez (voices and bodies), Bronquio (programming and synthesizer).


Given the characteristics of the concert (dance music) the seating capacity will be much smaller than usual, i.e. the audience will be standing.

10 jun. 2023 - 22:30 - 23:59
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Limited capacity. Free admission 

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