14 may. 2023 - 11:30 - 13:30


«Kilema, alma de Madagascar». Concert for family audiences.

KILEMA is a musician from Madagascar with more than forty years of experience in world music. Always faithful to the cultural tradition of his country, this vocalist, composer and multi-instrumentalist works especially with the indigenous instruments of the south of Madagascar.

From his residence in Cordoba, he has projected his music to the five continents. More than forty countries have been able to enjoy his rich personal style that fuses a multitude of influences, without losing the purity of his Malagasy roots. Four albums on the market summarise his recording career, but experts always highlight the strength of his live concerts: he is a born communicator with an extraordinary ability to connect with all kinds of audiences and backgrounds.

Today, this global ambassador of Malagasy culture combines his work as a musician with an important pedagogical work in which he carries out workshops for children and families, and a great deal of solidarity and aid work for disadvantaged communities. 

Marked by a didactic character, the concert will bring us closer to the instruments, rhythms, harmonies and words of his country as an excuse to propose universal values such as respect, solidarity, interculturalism and sustainability.  

Kilema (marovany, valiha, kabosy, katsá and vocals), Nesa Randrianantoandro (vocals, melodica and katsá), Manuel Luque (percussion), Carlos Léon (bass and vocals).

*Concert performed in collaboration with the SARC (Área de Cultura de la Diputación de Valencia).


14 may. 2023 - 11:30 - 13:30
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