20 apr. 2023 - 19:30 - 21:00

Miquel Gil

«20 anys d’Orgànic». Opening of the Etnomusic Festival.

The publication of Orgànic in 2001 marked a turning point in the career of this renowned Valencian musician and at the same time was a very important milestone in Valencian popular music. The work was based on modern approaches applied to traditional musical structures, in a very personal mixture in which the rhythmic patterns or melodic lines that had accompanied the author until then were placed at the service of a renewed cançó de autor. 

Having become, as Josep Vicent Frechina points out, an inescapable reference in our contemporary musical canon, this project is now presented in a renewed and revised version under the title of 20 anys d'Orgànic. In it, Miquel Gil reviews two decades of his solo career through the most celebrated songs of his repertoire.

The musician from Catarroja offers us a concert that recreates the original sound and features some of the musicians who formed part of the first band, reunited expressly for this project. To link and celebrate both birthdays (Orgànic and ETNOMUSIC) he will be accompanied by his friend Borja Penalba, producer and musician with whom he has collaborated on different occasions throughout his career, and by Noelia Llorens Titana, the new voice of Valencian singing with whom Miquel Gil has shared one of his latest musical projects (Arrel) and with whom he has a great musical affinity and affinity.

Miquel Gil (guitar and vocals), Toni Porcar (classical guitar), Eduard Navarro (various instruments), Tobal Rentero (various instruments), José María Reillo (percussion), Gusmà Gil (electric bass), Nel·lo Alfonso (keyboard and vocals).

Collaborations: Noelia Llorens Titana and Borja Penalba.



20 apr. 2023 - 19:30 - 21:00
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